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Hey Songwriters and Artists!

Are you ready to bäh-fō?

Making your own cd to sell at venues?  Trying to get a song in that film or TV show? The quality of your product reflects on you as an artist!

Some people get discouraged like they are standing at the bottom of the entertainment mountain, looking straight up. 

We know how that feels  and can do something positive about it.  If you want raise the energy level of your part of the world, give us a call.


 adj = \bäh-fō\

Well being for the individual is well being for the community is well being for the country is well being for the planet.

We are 100% Powered by Wind and Solar.  We reduced our carbon footprint and you can too.  - More -

Sustainable Music Production, Distribution and Performance.

Make Your Own
CDs & DVDs with our new on-line service.

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We are updating our pages please email any questions or call us, we'll be happy to talk with you about your project.

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